Will be walking 20.3km today

Will be walking 20.3km today which will land me in Gawler!! For anyone who appreciates the small things in life like scenic drives I defintly recommend going to Adelaide via Palmer & Mount Pleasent it is only 30km
More than taking the freeway and it’s a gorgoeus area. Defintly the best part of my walk so far!! 🙂 hope everyone has a fantastic day!! 🙂



IS PAST ADELAIDE!!!! Woohoo! 🙂 phone has been dead flat for the last 2 days 😦 Friday I walked 18km which got me to Palmer. Yesterday (Saturday) I walked 18km which landed me in Mount Pleasent (where we camped the night in a parking bay) and today I have walked 23km which got me to Williamstown today at 1:30!! We have checked into a caravan park & I am having a foot spa!!

A few more numbers I have accumulated along the way:

A few more numbers I have accumulated along the way: 15 is the number of days iv been walking. 22 days is how many days ago I left Mount Gambier. 31 is the number of vehicles that have stopped to offer me a lift. 377.3KM is the total amount of kilometers iv walked and 476,610 is the total amount of steps i have walked!!! 😀

Walked 21.3KM with my Mum & Greg

Walked 21.3KM with my Mum & Greg, wasn’t the most enjoyable day for walking due to 60-80km head winds!! And my ankle hurting alot!! But lt had a great day walking in great company!! 🙂 hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!! 🙂

Sorry to every1 bout my status updates

Sorry to every1 bout my status updates last night. yesterday I walked a total of 30km. Today I am aiming to walk 20km. I am about to go use all the caravans park hot water & havie the longest hot shower!! 🙂 then off to the chemist to get splints & bandages for my puppies broken leg, ointment for Wills finger so it doesn’t get infected, & strapping tape for my ankle, then I’ll be on the road again!! Woohoo!!

I do not believe in being negative, but also beloved in being honest.

May 18, 2011

I do not believe in being negative, but also beloved in being honest. My day today was SHITHOUSE!!! at roughly the 6km mark I twisted my ankle. I really wanted 2 get to Meningie today tho so I limped/hobbled the remainder 24km! Will & I then checked in the caravan park. Once on our site I untied my 9 month old puppy (Sunny)

I then called Sunny, as she jumped to get off the back her back left leg got caught in the side rail & she snapped her leg. I then spent the next hour holding my screaming puppy in my arms while balling my eyes out, while Will got sticks & tape, straightened her leg & made a splint for her. While cutting sticks Will jammed his finger & nilly cut it off. It is still bleeding now. Sunny is now sleeping.

When going into the caravan to sit down after the very heartbreaking drama with Sunny my knee cap popped out (which has happened before) which puts my hole body in exstrushiating pain, I was then screaming as I had to push my knee cap back into place. Will & I r now going to bed & we will see what tomorrow brings.

A few numbers……

A few numbers I have accumulated along my journey so far. 0 is the no. Of times iv considered giving up. 2 is the no. Of policemen that have stopped & ask if I would
Like a lift. 26 is the total no. Of ppl that have stopped & ask if I want a lift. 30KM is the ammount I WALKED TODAY. 273KM is the total ammount of ground I have covered so far & 320,733 is the total no. Of steps I have completed!! 😀